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OZ, The Great and Powerful

oz the great and powerful movie

Last week, I watched Oz, The Great and Powerful 3D in Central Mall in Bellandur. It was a late night show in the middle of the week but I was surprised to see many people watching, though many of them were with children. It was pretty good experience watching with kids and adults who were all laughing at the Great and Powerful Wizard, Oz.


Oz, The Great and Powerful must not be compared to the classic Oz movie. This 3D Oz movie must only be watched for the pure purpose of enjoyment, relaxation, and fantasy, specially on 3D, where the colours of the fantasy world, OZ was full-on. James Franco who played as Oz,  was funny in his own way while Mila Kunis as Theodora, was excessively sexy before she transformed to be a green witch. I didn’t expect Theodora to be so over-the-top up-to-date in fashion. My favourite were the China Girl, who was really cute and useful, and Finley, the monkey who was undervalued by Oz both in the real world and in Oz land.

Well, as I’ve said, Oz, the Great and Powerful must only be watched for pure entertainment for the whole family especially the kids. And if you’re watching on 3D, choose a movie theater with a wide screen and good 3D quality glasses. The one in Central Mall was quite small and the quality was not so good too, I got headache afterwards due to so many blurred moments while watching the movie.

Oz the Great and Powerful is still showing in theaters here in India.

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