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Minions the Movie 2015

Minions 2015 movie

The Minions, Gru’s minions from Despicable Me, finally got a movie on their own, and yes, they must have, since they are equally awesome, or more, than their evil master, Gru. But, Minions the movie is just basically a movie about Minions before Gru’s time (B.G.), since many questions where they come from and how Gru got them, then this movie answers these.


The whole movie, from the intermission to the credits, showed how the minions came to be and how they found Gru. Ever since the minions were created, from the teenie weenie cells, they already know their purpose in life, and that is to find the “Boss”. Before Gru, they had been minions to many, from fish to dinosaur to primitive man , even to Dracula and Napoleon, but always ended up them “accidentally” killing their bosses. They hibernated for some time when they thought they couldn’t find a boss anymore but their life became deadening. So, Stuart the Brave, Kevin the Musician, and Bob the Hyper Comic, set on a journey to find the most evil villain of all time. They sailed to San Francisco, and hitched a ride in a car full of cool, bank robber family all the way to a Villain-Con in Orlando to find Scarlet Overkill, the most evil villain of all, who was poor and bullied when little. Scarlet Overkill was voiced by Sandra Bullock.

Scarlet Overkill was a notorious thief who wanted the Queen of England’s crown. She tasked the 3 minions to rob the crown from the Queen but after some chase, fights, and chaos, Bob, accidentally pulled the legendary sword in the stone, and by doing so, became the king. It was then that Scarlet Overkill became angry at them and thought that they betrayed her. But since the minions were born with only one goal in life, and that is to please their boss, Bob immediately changed the laws to abdicate his crown and give the throne to Scarlet. Still feeling betrayed, Scarlet ordered her husband, Herb, to torture the minions but of course, minions are minions and they found a way to use the torture devices for fun.

On the coronation day of Scarlet Overkill, the minions escaped the dungeon and found the way to the church where the ceremony was being held. They aimed to offer apology to Scarlet, but since they are minions, and as being minions, they again managed to screw it and Scarlet thought they were trying to kill her. This prompted Scarlet to issue an order to have the 3 minions be caught and killed. Bob and Kevin were caught while Stuart hid in Scarlet’s house only to be found by the horde of villains. In an attempt to escape, Stuart accidentally pressed the buttons of a device that made him giant. This ruined Scarlet’s house and made all the villains ran away. However, Scarlet and Herb were not done, Scarlet attached a huge bomb to the giant Stuart and made an attempt to escape the place together with Herb. But Stuart was able to grab them and they flew up up in the sky, to the horror of all the minions, who came all the way from their hibernating place in a hope to meet their boss, thinking that it would be the end of their buddy, Stuart. Well, minions don’t die, so as Stuart.

In the end, Stuart, Bob and Kevin were given presents and were honoured in the palace. But while they were celebrating, the queen noticed that her crown was gone. Stuart immediately knew that Scarlet Overkill was alive and took the crown, and yes, he was right as everyone saw Scarlet and Herb, all in their bomb-messed up outfit, tried to escape with the crown but suddenly, the two were frozen in ice. The little Gru appeared with a freezing-capable gun, took the crown from Scarlet’s hand and sped away, but not before Stuart saw him. That was the beginning of the relationship of the minions and Gru.

The credits showed some of the moments between little Gru and the minions, which are, of course, always funny.


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